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Wake up and smell the antioxidants!(?!)

Note: this is a BzzReport. I am a member of the website, Bzzagent.com, which gives me free samples and coupons to create, well, Buzz about products. Today we are talking about the Green Mountain Coffee® Wellness Collection for BzzAgent.


Do you own a Keurig brewer? I do. It’s wonderful as it allows me to have many different types of coffee without having to make a whole pot and without having to worry about having several bags of coffee open (and quickly deteriorating in taste). One of the big producers of K-Cups is Green Mountain Coffee. Their coffee is spot on in taste. It’s neither too bitter, too bold, too weak, too light, it’s just right. So when I heard they were coming out with two new blends for their new Wellness Collection,” I was certainly intrigued.

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Brew, Brew, Brew your (iced) coffee

Note: this is a BzzReport. I am a member of the website, Bzzagent.com, which gives me free samples and coupons to create, well, Buzz about products.

Now that we have that out of the way, today we are talking coffee. I know! It’s the middle of the summer and I want to tell you about a hot, steaming cup of joe. Except that it is neither hot nor steaming. It’s iced coffee. At home. For a LOT less than a coffee shop. Using your Keurig brewer. You DO have one, right? If not, well this review may not be as exciting for you but let’s carry on.

It’s pretty simple. You need a Keurig brewer. You need a K-Cup. Does it have to be the special Brew over Ice K-Cup? Well, it certainly helps, but I will explain more further down. And you need a tumbler. No, not a Tumblr. A tumbler. And even then you don’t really need that. But you also need ice. That’s kinda key. So you need:

  • Keurig Machine
  • K-Cup
  • Tumbler
  • Ice
  • Sweeteners or creams to your liking

Basically you brew the K-Cup at either 6 or 8 oz. That way it concentrates the flavors. And the Brew over Ice K-Cup has a bit more coffee beans in it – allowing for the ice to melt a bit and not dilute the flavors of the coffee. Of course, you can use ANY K-Cup but know that the strength may not be the same. In particular, light roasts sometimes are a bit weak but the flavored coffees are wonderful over ice.

And you need a tumbler of some sort. You can get some at like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or from the Green Mountain Coffee site or they give them away a lot on the Brew Over Ice page. Or you can just use a thick plastic cup (NOT a solo cup, for example). Pour in the ice, add your cream, sugars, whatever, and then brew. Put the lid on the cup, shake it up, and boom, you got iced coffee.

It’s THAT simple. Seriously. I did it. And do it pretty much every morning. It costs me about 65 cents a cup. That’s a pretty good deal. And the Brew Over Ice K-cups are actually pretty good.

But wait! There’s more! They also do Iced TEA. Like 1/2, Southern Sweet, Peach, etc. And they all taste pretty good. I mean, they are K-Cups – I have yet to find one that I really didn’t like!

As you can see from the photos, it doesn’t take long, looks great, and tastes great.  So go on and join Tumbler Nation – we need some more residents!

So what’s your favorite flava? Post it below!