Great taste, great price?

In today’s segment of Andrew reviews something (which he was given a sample of the potato chips for free), we talk about Private Selection brand from Kroger.

Note: this is a BzzReport. I am a member of the website,, which gives me free samples and coupons to create, well, Buzz about products.

For years, you have been hearing about how the generic foods are a good way to cut costs in your grocery budget. But, oftentimes, the generics tasted … well, generic. They lacked any bold flavors and frankly tasted like you spent a lot less on them than the premium brands.

Can Kroger’s Private Selection Brand undo years of bad generic food?

Short answer: mostly.

Longer answer after the jump: 

There are a lot of Private Selection selections to choose from. The kit I was given included Salt & Pepper chips. They were delicious. The wife asked what brand they were and was surprised when I told her it was Kroger’s brand. She was quite impressed. There are many flavors of chips available and come in some interesting flavors, so you should check ‘em out at your local Kroger.

The Private Selection ground beef is also quite good, and is 100% Angus beef. And that comes in several fat % selections as well. Probably am going to be loading up on that tonight for the 4th.

And you need to cool off during this hot summer. The Private Selection ice cream comes in pints, so you don’t feel too bad about eating it, AND has many different flavors. I like the black raspberry, personally. The price tag also helps – it usually is a lot less than other similar type premium ice creams.

So those are the Pros but there are some major cons

 Private Selection brand doesn’t cover everything. So you can’t replace all your premium brand shopping with Kroger’s. 

Along with not covering everything, the variety in the brand itself is sometimes limited. There are not enough low-fat versions of their products. I wish they came out with a baked chip, or a super low-fat ice cream, for instance.

Overall, I liked the Private Selection brand. The price was quite reasonable and the flavors were there. I just wish they had some lower fat/calorie selections. Try it one day – in fact you can do a blind test – and I bet you can’t tell the difference.

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