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Start your day off right – with Fiber AND Protein

Note: this is a BzzReport. I am a member of the website,, which gives me free samples and coupons to create, well, Buzz about products.  Today, it’s all about fiber and protein: Fiber One Protein Cereal.

This is my new favorite cereal. I eat it pretty much every day of the week and I have not gotten sick of it yet. It has great taste, has TONS of fiber (20% of the daily value) and protein (10g) per serving. And one serving is only 6 WeightWatchers PointsPlus Points. So we got that out of the way – let’s hit the major categories:

Taste: Delicious. I am favoring the Maple Brown Sugar right now because the pecans, maple, and granola all work very well together. Combined with a splash of Vanilla Soy milk and it really hits the spot. The Cranberry Almond also was a good cereal, but the family is not a fan generally of cranberries, so we just stock up the maple brown sugar.

Nutrition: As seen above, it has 20% of your daily requirements for fiber and has 10g of protein per serving.  Those are pretty good numbers.

Price: Competitive. I found it less expensive by a dollar at Target than at Kroger and Wal-Mart was more in the Target range of pricing. But about $3.50-4.50 for a box. The boxes tend to last me about a week or so.

Ways to Spice it up: There are many ways to use the Fiber One Protein Cereals to your advantage. Of course, you can just eat it straight up – without milk. You can add milk. You can put it in a non-fat Greek yogurt and add some fruit to keep you going. You can put it on top of ice cream for an added crunch that is also good for you. The possibilities are endless.

Does it fill you up? Yes. Yes it does. I have gone through many types of granolas and the Fiber One is the first one to really fill me up. The added protein helps keep you full and if you do the yogurt mix-in, the added protein will get you through the morning all the way through a workout and into lunch.

Should I buy it? Yes. No question about it. Try a box today. You won’t regret it.

Overall, this is the best cereal I have had in a while. It combines nutrition with taste, and what more can you ask for in a cereal?