Sack of Crap!

It’s kind of fitting for my first post to have it be about crap. Not literal crap, but the kind of crap that you get from Woot! 


As you may be aware, Woot has these Woot-Offs where the prized (for many) sale is the Bag of Crap. (Click on the link to find out more about the BOC, it’s much easier) Ocassionally, Woot sells the BOC just on its own (for instance on April Fool’s Day or Woot’s Birthday, or in this case, Christmas). But it wasn’t as easy as logging in and then clicking buy. They “hid” it via a link. Luckily, I got one this year! (Totalling 13 – yes. I am obsessed). 

So today the friendly USPS guy brought to me Santa’s Sack of Crap – and I am quite happy with the haul! 

As you can see from the image, I got …

1 Giant Microbes Mad Cow Disease (Worth about $13)

1 Kids Night Out Bingo (~$8)

2 Avanti Wash Towels (~$20 total)

2 Cupcake Lip Gloss (~$4)

1 Bag (priceless)

1 Excuses Spitball Dartboard (~$13)

Not too shabby for an $8 investment. But the most fun of the Bag (sack) of Crap is the wait. During the moments from ordering to getting a tracking number to finally seeing a weight … you just wonder what they will put in the box. Will it be something totally useless? Something tacky? That is where the real fun is. Opening it and actually enjoying the crap … it’s just icing on the cake.