Good meal, home Skillet!

Note: this is a BzzReport. I am a member of the website,, which gives me free samples and coupons to create, well, Buzz about products. Today, we talk about Kroger Skillet Meals.

What exactly are Kroger Skillet Meals? They are meals that you find in the frozen foods section of your local Kroger. There is a lot of varieties to choose from – from Italian to Chinese to Mexican and more.

And now for the popular question & answer portion of the program:

How much do they cost? About 6-8 dollars. That ain’t too bad for a meal for two.

But for that cost, I bet it’s very complicated and convoluted to make them! Nope. It’s simple. Dump the contents of the bag into the skillet. Turn on the heat. Cover. Stir. Wait a few more minutes. Stir. Cook a bit longer. Serve. Total time? Under 15 minutes.

 photo (25)Kroger Skillet Meal

But, it’s a store brand, I bet it tastes like one! You would lose that bet, my friend. It’s the same quality ingredients you get in the “national brands” but at a lower cost. In fact, I could not tell the difference between the Kroger brand and one from a national brand.

But just a bag? Is that a complete meal? It certainly can be. But, lucky for you, Kroger has you covered. Throw in some Garlic Bread (in the frozen bread section of your local Kroger), and a Fresh Selections Salad Kit (available in so many different varieties) – and you got yourself a filling meal – in fact – with all that food, you may be able to stretch it to TWO meals.

But, I am on a diet, isn’t that going to make me fat? Not at all. I am currently on a national brand diet and I enjoy the Kroger Skillet Meals. Throw in the salad and you are full for the evening. In fact, just talking about them makes me want to head on out to Kroger and get one for dinner. I might just do that …

But I don’t have a Kroger! Ok, that’s not really a question, but the Kroger family of stores covers more than just Kroger. So pop on over to their website and perhaps you actually do have a Kroger-family store in your area – and if you do, the skillet meals are right in the frozen food section for you to enjoy!

All in all, Kroger Skillet Meals are darn tasty, have great ingredients, and are affordable. So go on, get one!