Are you Smarterer than the average bear?

For the past few weeks, I have been checking out a site called “Smarterer” via the BzzAgent website.

 It is a unique idea that has equal parts gaming and knowledge involved. Basically, you take these tests to see how proficient you are with a subject (e.g. Google Search or 80s Trivia) and earn badges accordingly. You can then stack up your scores with your friends and see who really is “smarterer” than the other.

So far, I have had some ups and downs with the site. I like the idea of the site, but the execution is … maddening sometimes. They do rely a lot on their users to correct mistakes and basically vote up or down some questions. That is frustrating, as sometimes the question will be hyper specific and you may know what you are doing but you can’t visualize seven menu items ahead. 

The countdown timer is also a bit quicker than I would have liked. It takes some time to read some of these long questions and understand what they are asking for, and by the time you have gone through it, the timer is almost up! So, you may randomly guess, which lowers your score. 

But, the idea is quite solid. The more people who join who are in your circle of friends, the more bragging you will be able to do against each other.

See if you can beat my scores on Smarterer … my username is oppodude.


And the best part of these tests? You may actually learn some new tips and tricks that will help you in the future.

I recommend you check it out.