A welcome addition to any salad

Note: this is a BzzReport. I am a member of the website, Bzzagent.com, which gives me free samples and coupons to create, well, Buzz about products. Today we are talking about Lean Cuisine Salad Additions for BzzAgent.

The problem is common. You want to eat healthy, but you are sick and tired of boring salads. 

The solution is simple. Lean Cuisine Salad Additions. Four varieties to spice up your lunch (or dinner). Feeling like Asian food? They got you covered. Cranberries? Done. Southwest? No problem. Just down home chicken goodness? Taken care of.

Is it affordable? Yes. It was about $3 or so at my local Kroger for the box and add in another $1-2 for lettuce and you are all set.

Is is easy to prepare? Most definitely. You stick a bag in the microwave for about 3 minutes. While doing that, you put the dressing in a glass of warm water to thaw out. Add lettuce to bowl (Here is a hint – do not use a whole head of lettuce). Open bag and deposit contents onto lettuce. Add dressing and toppings. Eat.  

Does it taste good? Yes, it does. The chicken was moist and tender as were the vegetables I had in my bistro chicken salad. The dressing had a good balance and was not off-putting. The onion topping added a little crunch besides the lettuce and it was appreciated.

Would I have it again? Yah. I would. As I try to lose weight, I know I need to eat more salads and healthier food. But sometimes you forget to make a chicken breast the night before to bring to work. With Lean Cuisine Salad Additions, I just have to bring a pre-packaged salad (even shredded lettuce) and in about 5 minutes, I have lunch. That is not too bad at all.

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